4 Unit

Credits: 4


Animation & Visual Effects

SAQA ID: 48872

Learners who attain this qualification are competent 3D animation or visual effects artists. This qualification is set to improve the quality of 3D animation and visual effects in South Africa, providing an entry level of generalist competence that can be developed to improve international competitiveness. 

The Unit Standards (US) covered in this qualification are from the registered National Certificate: 3D Animation and Visual Effects.

Successful learners will develop a sound foundation to:
  • Manage 3D animation production according to specified requirements
  • Evaluate 3D animation and visual effects against specified requirements.
  • Market own 3D animation and visual effects produced for specific purposes.
  • Develop creative elements according to specification using existing digital data. 
Range: Digital data can include photographic images, pictures, sound, etc.
  • Analyse requirements for 3D animation processes based on given specifications and existing reference material. 
Range: Processes include storyboarding, modelling, animation, rigging models, shading, mapping images, lighting, rendering files, compositing layers, outputting, and designing backgrounds.
  • Manage electronic files and data safely, securely and according to specified requirements.
Core 242542 Rig models for 3D animation and visual effects 6 8
Core 117550 Plan processes for interaction with multiple media 5 10
Fundamental 117554 Propose interactive media solutions 5 10
Core 242544 Storyboard scripts for 3D animation and visual effects 6 10
Fundamental 117548 Design creative elements with digital photographic images 5 6
Elective 10147 Supervise a project team of a technical project to deliver project objectives 5 14
Core 12984 Interpret provisions of a contract and assess liability of clients and other parties to an agency agreement 6 10
Fundamental 114050 Explain the principles of business and the role of information technology 5 4
Core 120378 Support the project environment and activities to deliver project objectives 5 14
Fundamental 115374 Demonstrate an understanding of the use of web-sites in business 5 4
Core 242541 Render files for animation 5 8
Core 242550 Model objects and characters for 3D animation and visual effects  5 15
Core 242547 Create lighting for 3D animation 5 8
Core 242548 Composite layers for 3D animation 5 8
Core 242546 Compile and present portfolios of work 5 10
Core 13793 Assemble pictures and sound to specification 5 6
Core 242551 Animate 3D characters and objects 5 10
  • Learning builds contextually on the learner’s existing frames of reference;
  • The emphasis is on whether the learner reaches the required standard or outcome and not on procedure;
  • Learners are expected to take responsibility for their own learning to reach the required outcome for each US/ Module;
  • Learners are given multiple opportunities to achieve US outcomes.
(Reasonable – Leaner responsibility for own learning)
  • Certification
  • Declaration of competence if US requirements met
  • Moderation
  • Assessment – Formative (ongoing) and Summative
  • Compilation of Portfolio of evidence (POE)
  • Ongoing Learner support
  • Practical and Work Place
  • Theory – Facilitation & Own Study time
  • Enrolment – Meet entry requirements
  • Leaner workbook
  • Presentation Slides
  • Learner Guide & Copy of all Unit Standard covered
  • Programme Evaluation Forms
  • File – to compile required POE in addition to workbook and summative Assessment
  • Summative Assessment