4 Unit

Credits: 4

Database Development

SAQA ID: 71850

This qualification is intended to provide qualifying learners with advanced skills and knowledge required to undertake advanced tasks and procedures in office technology. In addition, this will significantly enhance the learner`s prospects of gaining employment by providing a solid grounding in advanced computer skills required in today`s business environment. 

The Unit Standards (US) covered in this qualification are from the registered Certificate: Information Technology: Database Development.

Successful learners will develop a sound foundation to:
  • Understand change management for computer systems.
  • Apply the principles of creating a computer program using a procedural programming language in a GUI environment.
  • Administer security systems for a multi-user computer system.
  • Understand Computer Database Management Systems.
  • Create database access for a computer application using structured query language.
  • Understand general database theory.
  • Install and implement Server skills.
  • Install and implement SharePoint skills.
  • Manage computer-based systems.
  • Apply database development skills, using a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 program.
  • Computer Application
  • Mathematical Literacy
  • Communication
  • Database Development
  • Database Support
(Reasonable – Leaner responsibility for own learning)
  • Learning builds contextually on the learner’s existing frames of reference;
  • The emphasis is on whether the learner reaches the required standard or outcome and not on procedure;
  • Learners are expected to take responsibility for their own learning to reach the required outcome for each US/ Module;
  • Learners are given multiple opportunities to achieve US outcomes.
(Reasonable – Leaner responsibility for own learning)
  • Certification
  • Declaration of competence if US requirements met
  • Moderation
  • Assessment – Formative (ongoing) and Summative
  • Compilation of Portfolio of evidence (POE)
  • Ongoing Learner support
  • Practical and Work Place
  • Theory – Facilitation & Own Study time
  • Enrolment – Meet entry requirements
  • Leaner workbook
  • Presentation Slides
  • Learner Guide & Copy of all Unit Standard covered
  • Programme Evaluation Forms
  • File – to compile required POE in addition to workbook and summative Assessment
  • Summative Assessment