4 Unit

Credits: 4

Interactive Media

SAQA ID: 49121

This qualification is intended for learners to be able to plan and create web sites. This may not involve substantial academic content competent to the qualification, but rather focus on the practical aspects required such as authoring / compiling / putting together components for e-learning running off Internet, intranet and CD ROM. In doing the former, qualifying learners can create an interface for communication, entertainment and information devices. In addition, qualifying learners are able to compile interactive presentations, graphics and photographic elements, 2D animation, that is, visual content for marketing purposes, to contribute to film, television, and video productions.

The Unit Standards (US) covered in this qualification are from the registered National Certificate: Interactive Media.

Successful learners will develop a sound foundation to:
  • Safeguard a multi-user computer system
  • Innovate and create ideas and opportunities
  • Manage business in the interactive industry
  • Deliver interactive media solutions in required formats
  • Author content for interactive media solutions
  • Design and develop creative elements for interactive media solutions
  • Gather interactive media content and information
  • Propose audio-visual and technical interactive media solutions
  • Design visual and technical components and structure of interactive media solutions Range: Components and structure include interfaces, navigation architecture and storyboards .
Core 117549 Edit interactive media content 5 10
Core 117550 Plan processes for interaction with multiple media 5 10
Core 117554 Propose interactive media solutions 5 10
Core 12499 Edit sound 5 5
Core 117555 Gather interactive media content from existing sources 5 4
Fundamental 115372 Demonstrate an understanding of tools and products available for web-site development 5 3
Fundamental 114055 Demonstrate an awareness of ethics and professionalism for the computer industry in South Africa 5 3
Core 117556 Draw electronic graphic images 5 6
Fundamental 13806 Code a web page layout 5 4
Core 10070 Develop and implement marketing plan in line with marketing strategy 5 20
Fundamental 115374 Demonstrate an understanding of the use of web-sites in business 5 4
Core 114052 Demonstrate appropriate customer care in the context of IT support, according to a Service Level Agreement 5 8
Core 117547 Design interactive media 5 10
Core 13807 Design graphics for multimedia 5 8
Elective 114069 Administer security systems for a multi-user computer system 5 15
Core 117548 Design creative elements with digital photographic images 5 6
Core 117552 Design and develop two-dimensional animation elements 5 10
Core 117551 Deliver interactive media content 5 4
Core 117553 Assess resources for interactive media production 5 5
  • Learning builds contextually on the learner’s existing frames of reference;
  • The emphasis is on whether the learner reaches the required standard or outcome and not on procedure;
  • Learners are expected to take responsibility for their own learning to reach the required outcome for each US/ Module;
  • Learners are given multiple opportunities to achieve US outcomes.
(Reasonable – Leaner responsibility for own learning)
  • Certification
  • Declaration of competence if US requirements met
  • Moderation
  • Assessment – Formative (ongoing) and Summative
  • Compilation of Portfolio of evidence (POE)
  • Ongoing Learner support
  • Practical and Work Place
  • Theory – Facilitation & Own Study time
  • Enrolment – Meet entry requirements
  • Leaner workbook
  • Presentation Slides
  • Learner Guide & Copy of all Unit Standard covered
  • Programme Evaluation Forms
  • File – to compile required POE in addition to workbook and summative Assessment
  • Summative Assessment